Connecting with the grid

In establishing a system of solar panels with a network connection, an important step is connecting to a network operator, so that the excess renewable energy may be sold to the network.
For all electricity going to the network, a renewable energy producer receives for each kWh:

  • price of sold electricity
  • renewable energy subsidies from Elering, which is 5.37 cents/kWh.

As soon as you have found a suitable solution for the solar panels, the time is right to file an application to join to the network operator. The applications to connect are divided according to production capacity as follows: micro producer (production capacity up to 11 kW), minor producer (production capacity from 11 kW to 200 kW), small producer (production capacity from 200 kW to 5 MW), and major producer (production capacity more than 5 MW).

Next, we shall introduce the process of connection for a micro producer based on the example of Elektrilevi. Energogen offers all-around assistance with connecting to the network operator, so that  the process is convenient and simple for the client, without spending excessive amounts of time and attention.