We only work with companies who have a great deal of experience and approved warranty conditions.

All panels come with a product warranty for 10-12 full years. This warranty will cover the components that make up your systemā€™s panels: the glass, laminate, backing, and the silicon cells contained within. Warranty does not cover damage that occurs because of breaking the device or using it for the wrong purpose.

In addition to product warranty, solar panels also have a 25-30 year linear power output warranty. This ensures that PV-panels will perform exactly as expected. Solar panel warranties provide value-added security that you can depend on.

Inverter warranties typically last about 5 years and usually every producer offers extended warranties upon request. Warranty covers replacement or repair of parts or full replacement of the inverter during the warranty period.

Our partners at Renusol provide us with quality mounting systems made in Germany with a warranty period of 10 years. For the rest of the accessories and installation we provide a 2 years warranty.