Logistika Pluss awarded a prize for being an environmental friendly company

Yesterday, Mati Raidma, Minister of the Environment, awarded the most environmentally friendly companies in Estonia. Energogen is proud to announce that our client Logistika Pluss won the award in the environmental management category.

The new logistics centre is more energy efficient and effective than before and complies with the standardised ISO 14001: 2004 environmental management system. Relevant environmental aspects were considered already in designing and constructing the building: energy efficiency is guaranteed with the heating system that allows using the most cost-efficient fuel for a specific time; 95% of the lighting in the building is connected to motion sensors; the areas between the shelf rows have been divided into three zones; energy is produced with solar panels from a renewable energy source, etc.

The energy received from the solar panel system (92 kW) covers approximately 10% of the annual energy consumption of Logistika Pluss. If the performance of the solar panels is maximal, they cover approximately 99% of the company’s energy consumption during the time interval between 11 AM and 2 PM.

Agal Kinnisvarad O√ú was also a nominee in the environmentally friendly product/service category: Energogen helped the company to build a 176.25 kW solar power station‚ÄĒthus far the largest in Estonia‚ÄĒin P√§rnu.