Roofs and façades of production buildings as well as warehouses and office buildings are excellent surfaces for installing solar panels. In addition, the electricity consumption of enterprises is often the largest in the summer months when air conditioning is used to cool the rooms. Since in this case, at the time of the largest productivity all or a large part of the energy is used locally, the pay-off period of solar panel systems is also shorter.

Many enterprises continually work to reduce the environmental impact derived from their business activity. CO2 waste limitation has become a serious challenge, which is a foundation of environmental policy for responsible companies. With a solar energy system, noticeable energy saving is achieved and CO2 emission is reduced. A prominent solar panel solution also gives enterprises a competitive edge, as it is a clear indication to clients and partners that one of their values is a clean environment.


The performance of solar panels varies by year and we use the European Commission’s solar energy calculator PV-GIS to assess the annual average performance of a system and calculate the annual average performance of solar panels. If you enter the power and location of the system, the slope and direction of the solar panels into the calculator, the average performance of the last fifty years is calculated.

We compared the calculator’s data with the actual performance of the solar panel installation at the Rutikvere fish farm in Järva County, Estonia.




If you wish to save on energy expenditure and fix your electricity price for years, solar power is the right choice. In addition to energy savings, it is possible to raise the energy performance class label and the price of one’s real estate by using solar panels.

Adopting solar panels is a good investment to ensure saving even after several years.


Energogen also suggests several financing opportunities to install solar panels in cooperation with banks and leasing companies. You can look into this more thoroughly by contacting us.