Independent systems

We offer off-grid systems for both home solutions and water vehicles like yachts, catamarans, and sailing boats. For this purpose, our product line includes special flexible solar panels that tolerate seawater. We also help to create very small off-grid systems to power small devices.

In order to help you plan the most optimal off-grid solar panel system, we first need to know your energy needs and what electrical devices you use or are planning to use.

In addition to this, it is important to know how frequent is the need for energy on siteā€”only in summer months and weekends or yearlong or only during some other specific period? If the object is used only during summers, solar panels are sufficient as a source of power, but if the electricity provision is important also during winter months, a small windmill should be added to the system.

All this information is necessary to assess how powerful a system and how large a battery system it is reasonable to install.

In addition to the regular solution we also offer a mobile solar power station, or a cube, which is a compact and convenient solution for an off-grid summer or country home. The system consists of an inverter, batteries and removable solar panels, and is ready for use in minutes. The cube supplies power for lighting, a small refrigerator, TV-set, laptop, microwave, etc. A mobile solar energy generator is a good solution for outdoor events, especially if the noise of a diesel generator is inadmissible during the event.


The selection of off-grid devices and options is broadā€”if you contact us, we shall help you find the best system corresponding to your needs.